About TriDot

TriDot is a triathlon training platform that delivers better results in less time using big data and artificial intelligence. It is ultra-personalized and automatically updates your schedule to give you the optimal balance of training stress and recovery. TriDot can be used with or without a coach and has subscription levels to fit any budget. The TriDot community is vibrant and engaged, here to support and entertain you in your triathlon endeavors.

The Role of the Coach

No human can take into account the huge amount of data we have access to thanks to all of our wearables and other devices, but TriDot can. TriDot lets technology do what technology does best - optimizes your triathlon training - so that the coach can do what humans do best - work with the athlete. Letting TriDot handle the training means coaches can spend more time on 1:1 conversations with athletes, building community, form analysis, mental/emotional support, accountability, bike fitting, nutrition guidance, gear selections, and more.

Conversations about all things triathlon with expert coaches and special guests.